Uchida-so, Ltd., values your business and more importantly your loyalty, and we recognize that privacy is of great concern to our customers. Therefore, we have developed this privacy policy statement (Policy) to explain our practices regarding the personal information we collect from our customers (Information) when you visit or stay with us. Accumulation of this Information may be through written or oral communication, including email, telephone, and the internet.

Use and disclosure of Information

All reasons for the collection of Information from our customers will be clearly explained, and any use or disclosure of the Information will be limited to clearly stated reasons and purposes.

We shall not release any Information to a third-party without the prior consent and agreement of the customer.

However, in the event we are officially requested or ordered by enforcement agencies, such as the courts or police, to release such Information, we may do so without the prior agreement of the customer.

Disposal of Information

When requested or when a customer terminates a membership with us, we will undertake the appropriate steps to ensure the complete disposal and removal of Information from our files, including shredding of documents, and the complete and permanent erasure of electronic data.

Handling of Information

The policies and procedures herein shall apply to all of our employees and any third-parties entrusted with and contracted for the handling of Information, and shall cover any unauthorized use, loss, or improper transfer to a third party.

Employee obligations regarding Information

  • Employees may not use the Information for their own benefit nor disclose such Information for the benefit of others.
  • Employees shall retain control over all Information in our company computers and prevent its unauthorized dispersal.
  • Employees shall not alter or dispose of Information.
  • When conducting authorized Information disposal, employees shall perform such disposal in an effective manner, including shredding of documents and the complete and permanent erasure of electronic data.
  • Employees shall not disclose customer passwords or PINS.
  • Employees shall ensure the security and confidentiality of all customer passwords and PINS.
  • Employees are prohibited at all times from using company computers and electronic media for their personal use.
  • Employees will ensure the company computer and software systems are used in such a manner so as to avoid the introduction of data-hacking and theft viruses to the systems.

Security measures

Our company uses up-to-date computer and software security systems, including a network special access security system, and the entire system is firewalled to provide a secure and confidential environment.

Privacy statement revisions

From time-to-time, this policy may be modified to reflect any improvements, additions or changes to our data security measures.

Inquiries regarding this policy

If a customer has any questions regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will make every effort to respond in a prompt and satisfactory manner.

Customer inquiries should be directed to the following:

To : Uchida-so Ltd.
Attention : Uchida Koichi, President
Address : 1491 Gakuto, Hikawa Town, Izumo City, Shimane-ken 699-0501
Telephone : +81-853-72-0226
Fax : +81-853-72-9766
On-line contact : Contact us