“Kumo Izuru Kuni” (Land of Towering Clouds) Izumo Yunokawa Onsen

Yuyado Souan / Restaurant Suzuna

1491, Gakutou, Hikawa-cho, Izumo-shi,
Shimane-ken Japan 699-0501
Call:+81-853-72-0226 Fax:+81-853-72-9766

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World Heritage sites, National Treasure sites, traditional annual “Gathering of the Gods” celebrations,
Tours of local holy and spiritual sites (“Spiritual Power Spots”), Sources of good luck (“En”) for your life.

The Shimane area of the Sanin district is well-known as the Land of the Gods,
with an abundance of myths and spiritual sites, rich in cultural heritage and dynamic natural surroundings.
A further attraction not to be missed is the opportunity for travelers to enjoy the varied local cuisine of the area.

* For more information about sightseeing in the San-in area, please go to this site: → https://www.kankou-shimane.com/en