QDo you accept credit cards?

A-Yes, we do. We accept VISA and Mastercard.

QWhat time is Check-in and Check-out?

A-Check in : from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Check out:10:00 AM (Rooms with bath- 11:00 AM)
If your arrival time will be later than 6:00 PM, please inform us in advance.

QAre children accepted as guests?

A-Children under 12 years of age are not allowed as guests of the Hotel.

QAre Internet connections available?

A-Internet connections are available in all guest rooms, at no extra charge.

QIs meal room-service available?

A-We are afraid not.
   All meals are served in the hotel restaurant.

QI have a food allergy. Can you cook a meal without particular ingredients?

A-Please let us know your requests in advance and we will attempt to accommodate you in every way possible. However, all such requests must be made at least one day prior to serving the requested meal.

QDo you have smoking rooms?

A-No, all rooms are non-smoking. However, we have smoking areas outside of the buildings.

QDo you have parking?

A-Yes, all parking is free and no prior reservation is required.

QDo you have money exchange services?

A-No, we do not. We handle only Japanese currency.

QCan a guest use the private guest baths if they stay in a room having an open-air bath?

A-Priority use of the private guest baths is given to the guests staying in the following rooms: Iyashi-no-Yado (7 rooms), Shiunkaku 2nd Floor (4 rooms). Other guests staying in a room which has its own bath, such as the open-air bath, are generally expected to use their in-room bath. However, under special conditions and if not in use, the private guest baths may be made available for all guests’ use.

QAre reservations required for use of the private guest baths?

A-Guests permitted to do so may use the private guest baths any time if they are not being used. Information regarding use of the private guest baths will be provided to our guests when they check in at the Front Desk.

QDo you have a laundry service?

A-No, there are no laundry services available on the premises.

QAre there any convenience stores near the hotel?

A-A 24-hour convenience store is located 5 minutes by car from our hotel.

QHow late is the Reception Desk open?

A-The desk closes at 9:00 PM.

QIs there a cancellation charge?

A-A charge is applicable if you cancel your reservation in the following circumstances:
*From 2 to 6 Days Before:30% of the total charges for the scheduled reservation.
*1 Day Before:80% of the total charges for the scheduled reservation.
*Same Day:100% of the total charges for the scheduled reservation.
*No Show without contact:100% of the total charges for the scheduled reservation.

QCan we send our baggage to the hotel before we get there?

A-Yes, your baggage may be delivered to the following address:
Postal code: 699-0501 1491, Gakutou, Hikawa-cho, Izumo-shi, Shimane-ken
*Please advise us in writing of your name and the date of your stay.
*All shipping charges must be paid in advance – we will not pay shipping charges due on delivery.