Reservations and Availability

Information for reservations and availability may be found on our homepage.

*Reservations may be accepted from up to 9 months prior to your first day of stay, and up to 11:00 AM of the 1st day of your stay.

*Cancellation fees are shown below.

Please check the general terms and conditions regarding our hotel. General terms and conditions for guests staying at our hotel.

Making a reservation

Please see the following for 24-hour on-line reservation procedures.

*When making a reservation, please provide all requested guest information.

*Confirmation, changes and cancellations may be made on this page.

Full reservation process

  1. Stay plan choice
  2. Date of stay / Number of Guests / Number of Rooms
  3. Guest confirmation / Guest registration
  4. Special needs of guest
  5. Finish reservation
  • Cancellation fees are shown below. We request that all guests please read and observe the terms and conditions of their stay at this hotel.
  • Check-in time is between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM. Breakfast service is from 8:00 AM, and Dinner service starts at 6:00 PM.
  • Checkout time: Checkout time is 10:00 AM. However, checkout time is 11:00 AM for the following: the Tenpo, Shoya & Meiji suites in Kominka-Hanare, and the Sen, Kichi and Masa suites in Shiunkaku 1st Floor. Please relax and enjoy your stay!
  • Notice: We accept only VISA and MasterCard credit cards. Also, we regret that our hotel premises is not barrier free, as it has numerous stairs and sloping walkways.
  • Children under 12 are not admitted. For purposes of reservations, junior high and high school students are considered to be adults.

Suite, room and cottage rates

Please check the on-line reservation page for our accommodation rates and other charges.

*Our rates are subject to change during holidays and high seasons. Details are available on our on-line reservation page, or by telephone or email inquiry.


Cancellations of reservations are subject to the following cancellation charges:

  • 2-6 days prior to date of stay: 30% of the total charges for the scheduled reservation.
  • The day before date of stay: 80% of the total charges for the scheduled reservation.
  • The day of the schedule stay: 100% of the total charges for the scheduled reservation.
  • Failure to arrive on the scheduled date of stay, and no prior notification from guest: 100% of the total charges for the scheduled reservation.