“Yunokawa Hot Springs”

Experience the legendary Izumo Yunokawa Hot Springs.

Shimane Prefecture’s Yunokawa Hot Springs is one of the three hot springs
famous for the water’s beautifying and healing effects.
(The two others are Kawanaka Hot Springs in Gunma Pref., and Ryujin Hot Springs in Wakayama pref.)
The tragic legend surrounding the Yunokawa Hot Springs tells the story of Yagami-hime,
a princess goddess who fell in love with Okuni-nushi.
Her love was unrequited, causing Yagami-hime to flee to the Yunokawa Hot Springs
to heal her mind and beautify her body.

Souan’s hot spring baths are fed directly from the Yunokawa Hot Springs source, thus the water is all naturally heated and circulated, constantly being renewed for bathing pleasure.

*The separate private guest baths are for our guests’ use only, at their convenience.

Characteristics of the Yunokawa Hot Springs water

Brings relief from neuralgia, muscle and joint pain, muscle stiffness and disorders, sprains, chronic digestive disorders and poor circulation.
Provides relief from fatigue, promotes recuperation from injury and disease, improves general health and burn scarring healing, and helps soothe chronic skin disorders. It is also believed to relieve discomfort from chronic female disorders, benefit undernourished children, and help relieve arterial sclerosis.

Hot spring name : Yunokawa Onsen
Water temperature : 50.2 degrees Celsius
Flow rate : 500L/min
Water appearance : colorless, transparent, tasteless, odorless
pH value : 8.4
Water quality : Sodium, calcium, sulfate, chlorides


Kimachi Stone baths reserved by appointment

These baths are hand-shaped of famous Kimachi Stone, quarried in the Izumo area, with the bathing spa walls embedded with whimsical tile shapes, all for our guests’ pleasure and enjoyment. Soft illumination contributes to a more restful and leisurely experience for the bather.

Ryo en no yu Hiyoutanburo (Gourd-shaped bath)

A gourd-shaped bath, again hand crafted from Kimachi Stone, in a setting of soothing light filtered through stained glass windows. The gourd shape traditionally symbolizes the seamless joining of the two main gourd lobes, bringing good fortune particularly to marriages.

3 types of private guest baths

We offer 3 types of large-sized private guest-only hot springs baths at Souan. Your choices include open-air and partially open-air, as well as tubs of stone, cypress wood. All are beautifully situated in their unique garden settings for your bathing and viewing pleasure.