Information guide

* Check-in time from 3:00 PM (Check-in deadline 6:00 PM)
* Check-out time 10:00 AM (Rooms with bath- 11:00 AM)

* To ensure your comfort, moisture-absorbing charcoal is routinely placed beneath our tatami flooring, lowering humidity and allowing our guests to fully experience the soothing nature of natural tatami.

* All meals are served in the hotel’s restaurant. Please be aware that, due to the traditional nature of the hotel, the hotel premises has many stairs and sloping walkways, and is not barrier-free.

* Rooms are furnished with amenities for the comfort and convenience of our guests, and include various lotions, cleansers and toiletries.

Private guest baths information

* All baths are directly fed from the natural source
* Available times: 3:00 PM to 10:00 AM

Priority use of the private guest baths is given to the guests staying in the following rooms: Iyashi-no-Yado (7 rooms), Shiunkaku 2nd Floor (3 rooms). Guests permitted to do so may use the private guest baths any time if they are not being used. Information regarding use of the private guest baths will be provided to our guests when they check in at the Front Desk.

Restaurant Suzuna

* Lunch / 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM
* Dinner / 6: 00 PM – 9:00 PM (reservations required)
* Full-course lunches require reservation

* A warm, spacious guest lounge located on the 1st Floor of Shiunkaku is available for use by our guests, with self-service tea and coffee provided.

Free WiFi for our guests

Pass-word protected WiFi connection is available at no charge to our guests, and may be accessed throughout the premises.

* Rental computers and terminals are not available in the hotel.
* Internet transmission speed is not guaranteed as it may vary with time of use and particular electronic equipment specifications.
* The hotel will not be liable nor will it compensate for any damage to electronic equipment arising from unauthorized internet access on the premises.

Yunokawa concept shop “souan style”

The “souan style” shop carries specialty products from
the Yunokawa and Izumo areas, as well as Souan’s original creations.

* Please check with our Front Desk for store operation hours.

Please visit our Souan Shop for these and other items solely available to our guests. Truly a treasure-finding experience!

Izumo Sweets

We offer a variety of delicately-flavored sweets and cakes made in the local traditional fashion using traditional ingredients such as Shussai ginger, soy sauce and rice flour.

Izumo Crafts

A variety of representative pottery from the Shussai and Yumachi areas of Izumo is offered, as well as iron-ware and other items crafted in surrounding locales by well-known artisans using traditional techniques and materials.

Souan Original Stationery Items

For our guests, we offer original creations made exclusively for the Yuyado Souan shop in collaboration with Tokyo-based Quaint Design.

Izumo Towels

”Soft-as-clouds” locally spun cotton towels for your bathing comfort and pleasure.